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About Us


Lily Lu Belle Aesthetics was founded by Fiona Hollingsworth in 2015. We take pride into each and everyone of our clients given them a privrate relaxed experiance with attention to detail and rewarding results. Set just off the Gloucestershire boarders of the beautiful Cotswold countryside in a small village called Sedgeberrow in Worcestershire. 

We have an outstanding good reputation and continue to give our clients the best customer service and high standands giving our clients not only the service,  but also the aftercare products and advise to ensure they get the best out of there treatments.

All treatments are carried out by Fiona, ensuring you get the very best from your results and overall service.

Free Parking, 

Private Home Clinic,

Countryside location,

Child friendly,

Refreshments available,

One Qualified outside Nurse for Filler Enhancements

Fully Insured 


Open: weekdays, evenings and Weekends. 

I am also happy to accommodate Mobile appointments with an additional fuel costs in consideration.

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